About me

Who am I?:

Bali Ubud ricefields mountainbiking

Ubud-Bali mountainbiking through the ricefields

Pleased to meet you! I am Naomi, a genuine traveler, wanderer and explorer from the Netherlands, with a special love for authenticity, while keeping it chic. I like to keep it real and try to share my traveling experiences in the most honest and authentic way!

I have a huge passion for traveling, a natural lust for exploring, a heart for holidays and an eye for beautiful things which I love to capture on camera. Oh yeah and I love social media, hats and a bit of luxury once in a while:)

I created this site because I love photography, story telling and online marketing, but mainly to share my passion for travel and give real advice and tips based on my own experiences and honest opinion. I do this by sharing many of my own pictures in my blog posts with lots of travel tips where to go and what to see.

At the age of 36 I have now traveled 33 countries, the rest is still on my list!

Hong Kong view with me at the Peak  Bali twin waterfalls

Australia hiking through Kings Canyon

Australia hiking through Kings Canyon

During my travels I value authenticity but at the same time I also like to keep it chic, what do I mean by this?

authentic: originalveritablebonafide

chic: stunningstylishelegant

To me traveling authentic chic means that each holiday or while traveling I try to find elegant accommodations which are comfortable, original and have a special story. Mostly luxurious, but also for the best value for money. A tricky combination, but nevertheless possible. You don’t have to be a backpacker to go off the beaten path! And you don’t have to stay in hostels or low budget accommodations while exploring your destination…

As I am curious by nature I always explore each country for their heritage and all the sights it has to offer. But after some years of backpacking I now prefer to do this in a comfortable way with a touch of luxury. And I love to share my tips and experiences on how to do this with like minded travelers.

If you are looking for unique hotels, the best booking linkssocial media & travel tips, many pics, inspiration, honest advice and like to keep it chic, but also authentic during your travels > follow me and learn how to find the perfect traveling combination of authentic chicness.

To connect, collaborate or get in touch with me about anything travel related feel free to contact me by mail at:


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