Instagram: My 15 favourite social travel sista’s

As you might have noticed I love social media and especially Instagram and wrote many blogs about it already which you can find here: Social Media & Travel Tips.

This platform inspires me every day and although it’s difficult to keep up with and follow back all my 55K followers, I love to interact with my IG friends on a daily basis!

But why do I love Instagram more than other social media platforms you might ask?

For me this has many reasons:

  • It makes me happy to look at great pics of amazing places every minute of the day
  • It’s a positive inspirational platform, opposed to some other social media platforms which can be quite negative
  • It keeps me updated about the most beautiful places in the world which should be added to my ever growing bucketlist
  • It helps me find great collaborations and brands to work with for my company and website
  • It connects me with like-minded spirits and passionate travelers all around the world
  • It allowed me to make new friends in my own country but also all around the world, some of whom I already met up with while traveling the past year, how cool is that!?

But most of all because you can follow people who like the same things and are highly social! Did you know that Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with 600 million monthly active users and generates 58 times more engagement than Facebook?

That’s exactly what I love about Instagram! Why else would it be called a social media platform, right? Something that not all IG-ers seem to understand unfortunately..

I myself am a big advocate of organic growth and hate buying followers, likes, playing the follow-unfollow game, and naturally I despise those automated comments as well! In my opinion Instagram is meant to be an inspirational platform and not a commercial tool to use other people to grow your account as fast as possible with fake connections and without genuine interaction.

Therefore in this blog I want to highlight my favourite travel sista’s who are social, genuine and interactive, despite of their follower amount and account size!

One of the best examples is: @marinacomes

I have known this girl through IG since I started my own account and she has always been kind and social! This guapissima has 133K followers till date, but is growing faster than the speed of light. Her average of more than 500 comments per post doesn’t stop her from replying and interacting with all her followers and shows that being kind and social does pay off!

She has been able to make her day job out of this and is one of the most inspiring IG-ers I know, just click on below pic to go to her account and follow her:


Because I follow so many accounts and there are just too many wonderful travel sista’s I connect with on a daily basis it was hard to choose my favourites, but the girls in my top 15 are all really social and truly inspire me with their pics!

There are many beautiful accounts on Instagram, but these make me want to step up my game, while being kind and interactive at the same time.

I rounded them up for you in order of account size:

(Make sure to click on the pic to go directly to their Instagram account and hit that follow button!)

@globetrotter_gingertravel, the wonderful red-headed Aubrie is the leading account here with 175K followers, which doesn’t keep her from interacting!


@voyage_provocateur never ceases to amaze me with her stunning pics of the most beautiful destinations around the world. She has 134K followers right now, which is only logical with her amazing high quality pics!


@wilderness_addict, Caroline impresses with her amazing US outdoor pics inspiring 111K followers.

Raincoat optional ☔ Pc: @christinexploring w\ my edits #llbeanmoment

A post shared by Caroline Foster (@wilderness_addict) on


@tourdelust, Christine is growing fast with 97,8K followers, which is only understandable with her amazing pics.


@candyperfumeworld, Aida is an architect which shows in her inspiring gallery with romantic color palette and stunning aesthetic with over 83,7K followers till date.


@beckyvandijk is one of the nicest IG-ers that I had the pleasure to meet up with in real life while traveling to Bali. Her nearly 85K followers are certainly well deserved!

It only took me six months living in Bali to go find a waterfall, I know what I will be doing for the next six… ———————————————- > FB: Becky van Dijk Travel > Twitter: Becky van Dijk > Pinterest: WeRTravelGirls > Follow My Adventures > Share Your Travel Article ———————————————- #wearetravelgirls #theoutbound #outside_project #ourplanetdaily #nakedplanet #staywild #getoutstayout #neverstopexploring #exploremore #letsgosomewhere #traveldeeper #triplookers #athomeintheworld #welltravelled #mthrworld #roamtheplanet #openmyworld #lovetheworld #welltravelled #travelandlife #travelawesome #folktravel #liveauthentic #lifewelltraveled #peopleoftravel #nomadicluster #thedailyexplorer #goneoutdoors #exploretocreate #wayfarerwolf

A post shared by Becky // We Are Travel Girls (@beckyvandijk) on


@theglobalite, Sonya has impeccable taste and always knows how to capture the atmosphere of her destinations perfectly, over 69K followers seem to agree with me😊

When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome. 💥 -#WilmaRudolph _______________________________________________________ The path up to the Monastery is not for the faint hearted. I went by donkey, as the guide promised an easy ride. I would not have ascended if I had known what the path looked like: narrow and slippery. But I was already on the donkey, and clutched on for dear life as his tiny hooves feebly jumped step to step sliding backwards when the congestion disrupted his rhythm. The Monastery is so remote it remained undiscovered many years after the famed Treasury. But it is larger and more spectacular, carved on top of the mountain. It is a powerful statement of human achievement. I am blessed to have experienced it. _______________________________________________________ Tie Dye Maxi Dress: @amitanaithani Bucket bag: Fashion Series: #GlobaliteXAmitaNaithani Travel Series: #GlobaliteXMovenpickJo

A post shared by SONYA ↠ Travel & Lifestyle (@theglobalite) on


@cleliakeepcalm, this Sardinian beauty does not post often, but when she does her pics will certainly amaze you. I have been following her since I started when she still had 25K followers until currently 57,2K.


@chaptertravel, Lisanne has been traveling through Asia and Australia for over a year already together with her boyfriend. I have been following these Dutchies travel for a long time with pleasure and have seen them grow from 5 until almost 55K followers till date!


@ariannestraveljournal, this bella, who also happens to be a model, is one of the most social girls I met on IG so far, and is living life to the fullest with 25,4K followers enjoying her daily pics! Can’t wait to meet her in person to find out if she’s really as crazy as she seems!


@xkflyaway, Katie is traveling the world together with her very photogenic man, inspiring me and over 25,4K followers along the way with their amazing edits and gorgeous aesthetic!

Nile River Views ~~~🌴 Been soaking up these exotic ☀️rays all day then tomorrow it's off to see the famous Valley of the Kings. Follow along in our IG stories to join the adventure 💋😘 ♡ K (X+K) . . . •••••••••••••••••••• black & white: Xavier's👉@mi5ter_x FB: @xkflyawayphoto •••••••••••••••••••• . . . . #bestdiscovery #awesome_photographers #bestplacestogo #letsgosomewhere #letsgoeverywhere #openmyworld #welivetoexplore #mytinyatlas #ig_exquisite #igrepresent #ig_dynamic #athomeintheworld #tlpicks #ilovepiques #darlingescapes #globelletravels #wearetravelgirls #ladiesgoneglobal #girlsmeetglobe #girlsborntotravel #sheisnotlost #doyoutravel #dametraveler #femmetravel #girlaroundworld #sidewalkerdaily #thetravelwomen #igglobalwomenclub #storyofegypt #egyptgirls

A post shared by X+K | Xavier & Katie Ritzi (@xkflyaway) on


@the_wanderinglens, Lisa Michele is a professional photographer and it shows! Her amazing skills for underwater photography among others, are appreciated by 21,2K followers, which should have been many more…


@estherjulee, has a great eye for composition and an adventurous taste in travels! Next to the fact that she’s really kind and funny, with inspiring pics and captions that keep me and over 21,2K followers amused.


@meetyouatthebridge_nl is a content creative collective of free spirits, currently made up of Iris and Lotte. These Dutchies produce unique high quality lifestyle and travel pics which never cease to amaze me! With over 17,3K followers they are still highly underrated and should be followed by you immediately😊


I hope I was able to inspire you with these great accounts and of course I will share many more, either big or small, in my upcoming blogs.. In the meanwhile do check out the amazing accounts I mentioned earlier in my past blogs as well: The positive power of Instagram & top follows and Instagram tips for organic growth part 2.

Are we Insta friends already? Just click on the pic below and make sure to leave a comment, I am always happy to hear your feedback and connect!


Or find me on:

Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Bloglovin and Stumbleupon.

What do you think of these accounts and did you follow all of them already? Always love to hear your opinion or any of your favourites that I might have missed. just leave a comment below…

About Authentic Chica

Traveler, wanderer and explorer from the Netherlands, with a special love for authenticity, while keeping it chic. With a passion for traveling, lust for exploring, heart for holidays and an eye for beautiful things. Find out about my tips on how to find the perfect traveling combination of authentic chicness.
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26 Responses to Instagram: My 15 favourite social travel sista’s

  1. Mr Grumbert says:

    A very good choice. I have followed most of these accounts for a while now. If I had to pick a favourite, it’s probably Ari from ariannestraveljournal. It’s always a pleasure to see her beautiful pictures and her lifestyle is really inspiring. But of course I also like your pictures a lot 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    • O Mr.Grumbert as always you have excellent taste!! Yes Ari is such a wonderful girl, kind, inspiring and gorgeous! Happy u agree and like my pics as well:)
      Always love to hear your comments.
      Have a great evening! xx


    • oh my gosh! This is such a sweet message! Thank you so much! They are all such amazing accounts very inspirational. I am honored just to be among this amazing list! I am now starting to follow all these awesome girls!


      • Yes of course girl, you know I love your personality and account, so naturally you should be in this list!
        But indeed all these accounts are amazing…
        Keep up the great work and keep rocking babe!
        Hope to meet soon, xxx


  2. wegotoblog says:

    Love the list! I follow most of them, they are so inspiring….!!!
    Marina Comes is one of my fav! Been following her for a months and she is growing so fast, it’s amazing!
    Hopefully one day I’ll be on the next list haha 😛

    Have a good night 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Daphne Lange says:

    The list is great, i explore a few new accounts so thank you Naomi for sharing this great IG accounts with lovely pics from all over the world. New inspiration. Great.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! Naomi, thank you so so much for including me in this list alongside some pretty sensational women on IG – I can’t believe I made the cut alongside these beautiful accounts! Instagram is such a great platform to connect with women around the world, and I love that I got to meet you in person through it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you – keep inspiring your readers and followers to go on more adventures with your wonderful blog xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. tourdelust says:

    I love this post so much!! Thank you for including me with all of these amazing accounts and I couldn’t agree more with your post! Instagram is definitely my favorite social media platforms as well. Of course I’m also a huge fan of your account as well =)

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sheila says:

    Loved every single account of your list, I think I follow most of them on Insta because they post amazing content!!! I would say my favourite are @marinacomes (she’s from my city and I love her work! 🙂 ) and @tourdelust because I love the style of her pictures! But as I said, all of them are amazing!!!
    Thanks for sharing 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes great choices Sheila, but it was hard to choose as there are so many more amazing inspiring accouns and wonderful girls out there!
      Hope you found some new ones here as well!
      Have a lovely week! xx Naomi

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you for including me. Such an honor to be among all these fantastic accounts, most I know and are my instagram friends, but a few I have yet to discover. Such inspirational accounts, including yours! Seriously, waking up to this really makes my day 😊. Can’t wait to see more from you and everyone on this amazing list!


    • Hi Sonya,

      It makes me so happy to hear that as I truly love your account!
      Your pics inspire me everytime and happy you like the rest of the accounts too, all such lovely girls!
      Keep on posting those great pics and having fun traveling the world. Would be great to meet along the way and have a great day sweetie!

      xx Naomi


  8. Instagram is the happiest social media outlet! I am so happy to be part of this great list and hope to continue inspiring other girls to go out there and explore this world!


  9. Iris says:

    Thanks babe! Super lief en natuurlijk helemaal likewise! ❤


  10. Stellar list! And very inspirational.


  11. Xkflyaway says:

    Thanks Naomi! I’m so honored to be on your list alongside some pretty amazing ladies. Loving your blog, and look forward to more posts. 💗K (and X)


  12. Evie Jones says:

    I absolutely love this blog post. It’s incredible to connect with so many wonderful new instagrammers who genuinely have a passion for seeing the world and interacting with their fans and followers. I’m always on the look out to book luxury holidays but never really knew how. This was until a friend introduced me recently to a website called: – they have the BEST packages and will definitely be booking one soon! xxx Thanks for the inspiration.


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