Authentic nature getaway at Bilderberg hotels Veluwe in Holland

Do you know those unique accommodations surrounded by nature, almost hidden from the rest of the world, where you are immersed by tranquility, comfort and authenticity? The Bilderberg hotels on the Dutch Veluwe will definitely do that for you.

I hope my previous blog Beauty of east Holland has inspired you to visit this area of my country soon and to witness the beauty of one of Holland’s most unique nature areas ”de Hoge Veluwe” yourself. A true gem in my country and maybe even Europe, with a big offering of authentic hotels in the middle of nature.

With 7 hotels and even a medieval castle event location in this nature reserve of east Netherlands the Bilderberg hotel chain has the most diverse offering in the area. They have been around for a century, and represent hospitality, unique locations, expertise, fine cuisine and above all class!

De Bilderberg Hotel Oosterbeek surrounded by nature

De Bilderberg Hotel Oosterbeek surrounded by nature

Their hotels guarantee affordable luxury with a warm welcome, good food and a comfortable stay in beautiful surroundings, that’s why I love them.

Just recently we had a wonderful long weekend getaway in my favourite Dutch nature area including a stay in 2 of their most authentic hotels, one of which even the first of their collection of 18 locations! We stayed in the original De Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek and Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen, both located around de Veluwe and only 30 kms apart but very different.

Let me show you what exactly makes these Bilderberg hotels unique through many of my personal pictures and some of the hotel’s, so you can see for yourself why I can recommend them for your visit to the Veluwe.

Hotel de Bilderberg Oosterbeek

Unique features De Bilderberg Hotel Oosterbeek

  • Original building with authentic façade and a renowned history of royalty and politicians meeting and staying there over several years,

De Bilderberg Hotel Oosterbeek front view (3)  De Bilderberg Hotel Oosterbeekside view

  • Centrally located near a variety of museums and cultural options, but in tranquil and relaxing surroundings completely immersed by nature,
  • Ideal basis for hiking and cycling through de Hoge Veluwe,

Cycling on de Veluwe in Holland (2)  Forests of de Veluwe in Holland (2)

  • Situated amidst quaint villages which are almost idyllic with their authentic houses and local restaurants surrounded by old oaks,
  • But also very close to the bigger cities Arnhem and Nijmegen,
  • Excellent service, classy lobby and warm welcome,
De Bilderberg Oosterbeek hotel lobby

Classy and spacious hotel lobby

  • Spacious and comfortable rooms, with panoramic nature views from the wide balcony at the front side of the building,
  • Many amenities in the room such as free coffee and tea facilities, fresh fruit, magazines, free WIFI, flat-screen TV, a bath and air-conditioning,

Hotel room De Bilderberg OosterbeekBalcony room view Bilderberg hotel Oosterbeek  Balcony view at De Bilderberg hotel OosterbeekHotel room De Bilderberg Oosterbeek (2)

  • Free private parking,
  • Extensive coffee options and spacious atmospheric bar,

De Bilderberg Hotel bar  De Bilderberg hotel bar Oosterbeek

  • Large indoor pool including sauna and steam bath, gym and tennis court,
  • Excellent breakfast and 2 great restaurant options.

De Bilderberg Oosterbeek hotel swimming pool

About dinner

Although in house restaurant Julia’s Kitchen is great for breakfast and casual French/American dishes, dinner at Italian oriented Trattoria Artusi is something that should not be missed. This renowned restaurant in the extended glass sunroom of the hotel has its own terrace with direct views over the hotel’s nature grounds.

De Bilderberg Trattoria Artusi

Trattoria Artusi

Julia's Kitchen restaurant De Bilderberg Hotel Oosterbeek

Julia’s Kitchen

We were lucky to be able to dine outside with stunning nature views and a real Italian 3 course dinner incl.matching wine menu. As a Mediterranean and Italian food lover I was in heaven and can highly recommend this, especially the home made tiramisu is almost iconic!

Dinner terrace Bilderberg restaurant Artusi

Dinner views on terrace of Trattoria Artusi

Cheers at De Bilderberg Hotel Oosterbeek  Desert in Bilderberg restaurant Artusi

Although we loved the history, atmosphere and surroundings of Bilderberg’s Grand Dame in Oosterbeek we were happy to add a completely different night’s stay to our weekend at Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen. Although this is only a 40 minutes drive away this hotel has a whole different vibe.

Where De Bilderberg Hotel is very authentic, quaint and the facade has an almost Tiroler look to it, driving up to the estate of Résidence Groot Heideborgh amazes with its stature through the impressive building with picnic tables, ponds and a wide manicured park and terrace in front of it. And of course welcoming you with a private parking space with your name on it does make a good impression as well.

Bilderberg Résidence Groot Heideborgh Garderen

Impressive Bilderberg Résidence Groot Heideborgh

Unique features Bilderberg Résidence Groot Heideborgh Garderen

  • All suite hotel with many extra facilities for conferences, meetings, and sportive activities. They even have a quad terrain and climbing-and survival track on their own grounds!
  • Warm welcome, cozy lobby with fireplace and spacious seating options,

Lobby of Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen (1)

  • Lovely Grand Café for casual dining, including a huge sunny outdoor terrace surrounded by forest and nature views,
Terrace surroundings Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen

Terrace view of Grand Café

Terrace surroundings Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen (1)  Surroundings of Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen.

  • Centrally located near a variety of museums and attractions, but completely surrounded by their own forest on 27 acres of heathland ground,
  • Ideal basis for hiking and cycling through the Veluwe,
Heathlands near Résidence Groot Heideborgh Garderen

Hike onto the Veluwe just 5 minutes from the hotel

  • All suites are spacious with top to floor windows and direct forest views,
  • Many amenities in the room such as free coffee and tea facilities, fresh fruit, magazines, free WIFI, flat-screen TV, a bath, safe and air-conditioning,

Suite Résidence Groot Heideborgh in GarderenRoom view at Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen (2)  Room view at Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen (1)

  • Great breakfast and dinner in the chic a la carte restaurant Prinsenhof with excellent food and relaxing garden views,
Dessert restaurant de Prinsenhof Résidence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen

Beautiful dessert at restaurant Prinsenhof

Restaurant de Prinsenhof of Residence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen (3)  Restaurant de Prinsenhof of Residence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen (2)

  • Free private guarded parking for at least 250 cars,
  • Excellent private spa including wellness area and many treatment options.

About the wellness and beauty centre

The extensive Clarins beauty centre is one of the reasons why we love this hotel so much! Their multitude of different treatments combined with the private spa area including sauna, infra-red cabin, swimming pool, showers and footbaths, which you can have all to yourself for an hour, are perfect for an afternoon of relaxation and pampering. We have already been back for this 4 times in the past year as their package deals for several treatments including rental of the spa are very affordable and give you complete privacy, which we prefer opposed to other spa’s in the area. Also the massages and different treatments are some of the best in Holland, in my experience, and therefore highly recommended!

Beauty centre of Bilderberg Residence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen (2)  Swimmingpool Bilderberg Residence Groot Heideborgh in Garderen (2)

About the surroundings

I said it before and say it again the Veluwe is one of the most unique nature areas in Holland and should definitely be experienced if you like nature, hiking, cycling and culture.

I made a small gallery, so you can already experience this through my pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you will visit my country and this beautiful area soon! More pictures of the Dutch Veluwe and many tips for things to do here in my previous blog. And if you need any more tips for your visit to Holland or want to ask me anything travel related feel free to contact me by mail at:

Or get social with me on:

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What do you think of these hotels and the Veluwe? Would you choose to stay here while visiting my country? I’d love to hear your opinion, just leave a comment below!


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Traveler, wanderer and explorer from the Netherlands, with a special love for authenticity, while keeping it chic. With a passion for traveling, lust for exploring, heart for holidays and an eye for beautiful things. Find out about my tips on how to find the perfect traveling combination of authentic chicness.
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11 Responses to Authentic nature getaway at Bilderberg hotels Veluwe in Holland

  1. Prachtig!
    Die in Oosterbeek is inderdaad geweldig. De andere ken ik nog niet maar zo te zien moeten we die ook zeker gaan testen! Maar eerst dit weekend naar Bilderberg Jan Luyken! Zin in.

    Mooie foto’s en lekker diner met champie zo te zien.
    Leuke blog.


    • Jaaa Daph, Groot Heideborgh moet je zeker ook nog ns heen, die wellness en massages zijn daar ook echt fantastisch!!! Maar heerijk joh dit weekend Amsterdam, hebben jullie mooi in het vooruitzicht, je gaat het top vinden daar, zo’n mooi hotel en ben nu al benieuwd naar de foto’s! Have fun en wel naar het Rijksmuseum en de Museumtuin he, zo mooi voor foto’s:) en een btje cultuuur natuurlijk, hahaha, have fun! xxx


  2. The food and nature there look so lovely! You had so much luck with the weather 😉


    • Ja echt he?! We were def lucky Stephanie and always so nice to be surrounded by nature and cycle through the Veluwe, my favourite hobby in Holland! Happy u like…and yeah the food was sooo nice too:) U guys should def go there once if you ever come back to Holland..:P
      xxx Naomi


  3. Sue says:

    Lovely place to stay in this beautiful nature area! Holland is very much on my bucket list now and the Veluwe. That dessert looks just delicious! 😍🍧🍸


    • Hi Sue, thanx so much for your lovely comment and great to connect here as well!! Those desserts were amazing indeed and would be so great to welcome you to my country!!! xx Naomi


  4. Wow! Your post definitely convinced me to keep the hostel in mind when going back to Holland (I’m from Belgium 🙂 ). The nature around is also stunning!


  5. Very nice post. Gorgeous photos!


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