Top 10 European cities to visit

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Tuni of and I have combined our passion for travel and European cities to give you an insight in the top 10 cities to visit in Europe. In this collab we tried something new and want to show you the beautiful places Europe has to offer. We split up the list and now you can read about our favourites from two different viewpoints with different writing and blogging styles.

Here’s my top 4 completed with a mutual nr.5 reviewed by Tuni:

  1. Paris

I have been here many times already and a love it a lot because it is such a classy city. With its air of love, architectural beauty and many historic facades all around it just seduces you.

Façades of Paris

Façades of Paris

Parisian street view  Parisian sights

Of course the many sights such as the Eiffel Tower, Sacré Coeur, Notre Dame and the Louvre are a must see for everyone visiting Paris or Europe for that matter, as Paris is one of the most popular and most visited cities in the world. But what I love most about this city is the special small streets and neighborhoods, such as Le Marais, which still have an authentic vibe and where you will find beautiful flower shops, bakeries, different eateries and small city squares around every street corner.

Parisian flower shops  Paris streets of Le Marais

Here you can just walk around and have lunch on the sidewalk while watching the real Parisians walking by with their classy casual style and  special air of ‘’Je ne sais quoi’’ that only the real Parisians have.

Real Parisian dinner at Chez Josephine  Parisian lunchrooms of Le Marais

Also sitting by the Seine with a bottle of wine and French bread is definitely one of my favourite pastimes. Many people are chilling and relaxing on the banks of this famous river all day or night, with views of the beautiful buildings surrounding it. But there is also a big offering of unique boat restaurants along the river.

Paris river views  Paris bridges at sundownParis watching the sun go down along the Seine  Parisian bridge views

What’s also unique about Paris is the many historic museums it offers, either big or small. You can fill a whole day with a visit to the Louvre and marvel about the many famous artworks and the architecture of the beautiful building.

Paris view at the Louvre  Paris Place de Vosges (2)

But you can also choose to visit several smaller museums, a day at the beautiful Musée Picasso and Musée d’Orangerie combined are just some of the many cultural possibilities which makes this city very diverse and special.

Paris Musee Picasso, blending in with Picasso's paintings  Paris Place de Vosges art galleries  Paris beautiful Musee Picasso

Paris Musee Picasso exterior

Beautiful Musée Picasso

For more tips on what to do and where to eat in Paris check out the following blogposts:

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2. Lisbon

For me Lisbon is the city of many viewpoints, colorful buildings and ‘azulejos’, which is the Portuguese word for beautiful hand painted ceramic tiles.

Lisbon azulejos façades

Lisbon azulejos façades

When you drive towards the city it is impressive to see the hills filled with colorful houses rise up in front of you and the Tagus river and beautiful bridges surrounding it.

Streets of Lisbon  Lisbon city sights

Colorful Lisbon views

Colorful Lisbon views

And as the most quaint and historical neighborhoods are situated up a hill in Chiado and Barrio Alto, there are many viewpoints around this city which you can choose from. I loved Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara and Da Graca especially for their wide views over the city, combined with a side view of the river and George castle.

Lisbon Miradouro da Graca (1)  Lisbon George castle

Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara

Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara

Lisbon Miraopuro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara  Lisbon Miradouro da Graca (3)

There are many more viewpoints to choose from, a view from the top of the Triumphal Arch at the Praca do Comércio should be amazing as well, as is a visit to this colorful square.

Triumphal Arch  Lisbon Praca do Comércio

Praca do Comércio

Praca do Comércio

As the streets are small, steep and a lot of them paved with historical cobble stones, it is very practical and a lot of fun to drive around here by tuk tuk. Also one of Lisbon’s characteristic features are the many colourful trams, which are always crowded with tourists, but great to get by in the city and a fun experience as well.

Lisbon trams   Lisbon city sights

Colorful steep streets of Lisbon

Colorful steep streets of Lisbon

Our tuk tuk in Lisbon  Lisbon trams

Nearby Lisbon is Belém, a historical neighborhood which has many unique features. I found the Torre de Belém and the views by the river very beautiful. But also the Monastery and the historical bakery Pastéis de Bélem is a must visit when you go to the oldest city of Europe!

Bélem Monastery  Torre de BélemFor more tips on what to do in and around Lisbon check out my earlier blogpost:

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3. London

I’ve been to London several times and some of the best shopping can be done in this city, especially at Christmas time! The streets are vibrant and many leading shops can be found here. Just to mention a few: the flagship store of Topshop on Oxford street. A must visit for fashionistas all around the world, always on top of fashion and very diverse, I can wander around this shop and its 4 floors for hours!

Topshop London   Topshop London

Big classy departments stores such as Selfridges, Liberty and beautiful shopping streets such as Carnaby street and Dover street are some of my favourite fashion destinations. But don’t forget to visit Portobello Road as well, with its colourful houses and vintage market, which  is a beautiful variation on these commercial streets and shops!

Colorful Portobello Road

Colorful Portobello Road

London shopping  Selfridges London

I love cities with sights around a river and in London some of the best sights are situated around the Thames. For example the London Tower bridge, the London Eye and of course the Big Ben.

London sights around the Thames  London Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

London Eye   Londen tower bridgeLondon Buckingham Palace (2)  London Buckingham Palace (1)

I can also really recommend a boat trip down the Thames to Greenwich, as this area is a bit less crowded and a unique experience. Here you will find big parks and many beautiful and royal buildings which are listed as a Unesco World Heritage site. Also a fun fact is that this town marks the prime meridian of the world!

London Greenwich Unesco sights (4)  London Greenwich Unesco sights (3)

Thames river cruise

Thames river cruise

London Greenwich Unesco sights (1)  London Greenwich world meridian

But London is a favourite as well because of the beautiful and well maintained city parks everywhere around the city. It actually has 8 main Royal Parks which used to be royal hunting grounds and are now open to the public; Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and St James’ Park to name a few.

London Greenwich Unesco sights

Greenwich park

London parks (3)  London parks

Me in Kensington Gardens

Me in Kensington Gardens

The combination of fashion, stature and nature amidst all these historical buildings makes London a very attractive and diverse city for me.

4. Florence

Known as the capital of Tuscany, one of the most beautiful areas of Italy and birthplace of the Renaissance, this city has a reputation to hold up. But Florence most certainly does not disappoint!

Views of the river Arno

Views of the river Arno

Streets of Florence  Streets of Florence  Streets of FlorenceEspecially if you appreciate culture, Renaissance art, Medieval monuments and architectural heritage, like I do. For these features alone the city has been voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And its historical centre is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1982.

Florence's Duomo

Florence’s Duomo

The best-known site of Florence is the domed cathedral called Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as ”the Duomo”. But the high Campanile and Baptistery buildings next to it, are also beautiful features and highlights of every tourists visit to Florence.

Florence Baptistery and Campanile  Florence Duomo

The centre of the city is surrounded by medieval walls that were built in the 14th century to defend the city. Exactly in the centre of the city you will find the beautiful Piazza della Signoria with the famous Palazzo Vecchio, which has many interesting architectural features both on the inside as outside.

Florence Piazza della Signoria (3)  Florence Piazza della Signoria (1)Florence Fountain of Neptune  Florence Tower of Palazzo Vecchio

With in front of it the beautiful marble Fountain of Neptune, built in 1565, the Palazzo Vecchio has beautiful painted ceilings on the inside and rusticated architectural façades. And of course its famous, ancient and impressive tower on the outside.

Florence Pallazo Vecchio  Florence ceilings of the Palazzo Vecchio

Florence is also well known for its many bridges, such as the colorful Ponte Vecchio built over the river Arno.

Me in front of colorful Ponte Vecchio

Me in front of colorful Ponte Vecchio

The bridge’s most unique feature are the small historic shops built on stilts, giving it a colorful outlook and lively atmosphere. Therefore in my taste one of the most authentic sights of the city

Florence shops on the Ponte Vecchio  Florence colorful Ponte Vecchio

In our top 10 list Tuni and I share one all time favourite: Amsterdam. Read a German-Danish girl’s perspective on this city, in comparison to my Dutch point of view:

5. Amsterdam by Tuni from Metropolife

One of my all-time favorite cities to visit in Europe is the capital of the Netherlands.

Taking a stroll along the canal, enjoying a Dutch waffle and hot cup of chocolate or enjoying a walk in the Vondelpark – There are so many places and things to do with your friend or significant other in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam city trip   Amsterdam city trip

Everywhere along the canals are cute little cafés or restaurants and for the night time there are pubs and bars all throughout the inner city. It is definitely not possible to get bored in this awesome city.

Amsterdam city trip  Amsterdam city trip

Besides that, there are all kinds of cultural museums to visit and explore. The range goes from Heineken beer museum, the national Rijksmuseum or the historical Anne Frank museum around Leidseplein.


Sign in front of Rijksmuseum

No matter what you are interested in, there is most likely a museum of it in Amsterdam. My boyfriend and I really enjoyed our time in Amsterdam and are planning to go back for another trip soon.

Amsterdam city trip

Beautiful canals of Amsterdam

Make sure to head over to the site of Metropolife and read the rest of Tuni’s top 5 to complete our top 10:

6. Prague

7. Vienna

8. Nice

9. Copenhagen

As well as my view on city nr.10: Amsterdam on

For more tips on Amsterdam you can also check out my earlier blogpost about this amazing city:

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